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Over time, DSI has kept industry at the cutting edge of technology in the disciplines of Design for Testability, Integrate Health Management, Diagnostic and Prognostic Systems Engineering by contributing ideas, tools and services in forming inter-operable and collaborative solutions to the most challenging complex integrated platform programs on earth.

Here, you can discover what our customers have to say. These presentations were presented at our eXpress Users Group Meetings and speak to the successes of just a taste of our more established customers from within an enriched eXpress customer base that proudly represents more than 90% of the Systems Testability and Diagnostic Integration Industry!

Although some of these programs described in the presentations below may often speak to solving Large-Scale Diagnostic Integration requirements, DSI has employed such solutions equally successfully and economically on small to mid-sized systems that must adhere to strict testability or diagnostic requirements.

DSI has published these presentations on this website to provide a flavor of the vast capabilities it has, but primarily to demonstrate its commitment to its customers is more than just a goal — it’s our standard business practice.

Introduction to Diagnostic Engineering using the ISDD Tool SuiteDSI Staff DSI and ISDD Presentation, (7.25 MB), 2020
Design-Based and Empirical-Based DiagnosticsDSI Staff (525KB) 2018 Presentation - pdf format
Lifecycle Phases, Challenges & SolutionsDSI Staff (700 KB) Lifecycle Phases
Using DSI Workbench with Historical DataKelly Barrows (200 KB) 2016 eXpress Users Group
DSI Workbench WalkthroughDSI Staff (4 MB) DSI Workbench Presentation
Unique Isolation of FailuresDSI Staff (1.82 MB) 2015 PDF
Standards-Powered, COTS-Based Solution for Through-Life SupportDSI Staff (4.3 MB) 2015 PDF
The eXpress Maintenance ModuleDSI Staff (1 MB) 2016 Powerpoint presentation
Intro to DSI and Our ProductsDSI Staff (10.3 MB) 2015 Powerpoint presentation
Basic eXpress Use and Modeling Techniques.DSI Staff (5.2 MB) 2014 Powerpoint presentation
Jim Lauffer – Integrated Systems Diagnostic DesignJim Lauffer 2012 eXpress Users Group Presentations
Samuel Johnson – Life-Cycle Benefits of Model-Based Health MgmtSamuel Johnson 2012 eXpress Users Group Presentations
Jack Amsel – Implementing ISDD as Design-to-Test (DTT)Jack Amsel 2012 eXpress Users Group Presentations
Eric Gould – ISDD Development PlansDSI Staff 2012 eXpress Users Group Presentations
Introduction to STAGEDSI Staff 2012 AUTOTESTCON
Introduction to ISDDDSI Staff 2012 AUTOTESTCON
eXpress Prognostic Informed Diagnostic AnalysisDSI Staff (136 KB) Powerpoint presentation
eXpress Diagnostic to the IETM EnvironmentDSI Staff (6.9 MB) Powerpoint presentation
eXpress Diagnostic to the IETM Environment (pdf)DSI Staff (2.4 MB) PDF File of presentation
eXpress Diagnostic Deployment OptionsJim Lauffer (1.1 MB) Powerpoint presentation
IA-TIM IntroductionDSI Staff 2010 IA-TIM Presentations
DSI Product OverviewEric Gould 2010 IA-TIM Presentations
Philip Dussault – Transitioning to PrognosticsPhilip Dussault 2010 IA-TIM Presentations
Michael Brazinski – Aircraft Avionics DiagnoisticsMichael Brazinski 2010 IA-TIM Presentations
eXpress InteroperabilityDSI Staff 2010 eXpress Interoperability presentation
2008 European Users GroupDSI Staff 2008 eXpress User’s Group Presentations
Testability Analysis Avril 2008DSI Staff 2008 eXpress User’s Group Presentations
eXpress interoperability 2007DSI Staff 2008 eXpress User’s Group Presentations
Integrated Systems Diagnostics DesignDSI Staff 2008 eXpress User’s Group Presentations
Users Group PresentationDSI Staff 2007 eXpress User’s Group Presentations
BLennox TYX eXpress and TestBaseDSI Staff 2007 eXpress User’s Group Presentations
Schwarzberg – Expanding CapabilitiesLorem Ipsum 2007 eXpress User’s Group Presentations
View the “STORM” and the 2006 eXpress Users Group TrailerDSI Staff Movie, (10.0 MB)
Integration of Diagnostics and PrognosticsDSI Staff Powerpoint presentation, (0.3 MB) 2005
Diagnostics and TestabilityEric Gould PDF, (1.1 MB), 2002
Systems Engineering Approach to Integrated Diagnostics & PrognosticsLorem Ipsum (5.3 MB) Powerpoint presentation, 2003

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