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Deploy Diagnostics for Troubleshooting

Five Simple Steps to an Intelligent IETM

eXpress approach and support for complex test types allows diagnostics to be generated for Intelligent IETMs:

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Production Environment & ATE

Circuit Boards and Electronic designs are typically produced in various CAD-type tools rather quickly today. Tools, techniques and processes have greatly benefited the speed and quality of PCB or any CCA development effort, particularly in the Commercial Off-The-Shelf, or “COTS” environment.

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Deploying Diagnostics and Leveraging Empirical Data

Most every traditional diagnostic approach is constrained by being based on the unintegrated-with-design use of diagnostic design data – or by a test-to-failure probabilistic approach. Both approaches rely upon the algorithmic association of non-design-integrated design data and/or the non-design-integrated fielded data, to the assumed faults based upon an acceptable level of certainty from uncertain test coverages. These are both data-driven approaches to establishing a diagnostic capability. Unfortunately, neither are formed from an integrated approach that leverages the depth and breadth of the design development process, nor in a manner that can fully associate the data retrieved during the integrated support activities against the diagnostic integrity of the fielded design.

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