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Product License Configuration

DSI Product Licensing

Licensing Types

DSI software products are licensed either using node-locked or server based licensing. In both cases DSI will issue a license file to the licensee. The license file will be encoded to work with only one license host ID. A license host ID may be any of the following three system identifiers:

  • The machine address or MAC address of the system. This is the machine address of the network interface.
  • The disk volume serial number of the system. The disk volume serial number is a number which is randomly
    assigned by Windows when the disk is formatted.
  • A FlexID from a dongle attached to the system.

All three of these identifiers may be found by running the DSI license administrator software which will display the license host IDs that are available for use by that system.

Note: A Flex ID will only appear if a FlexID dongle is attached to the system.


The DSI International License Administrator program is included and installed with all DSI International software products.

Node-Locked Licensing

When using node-locked licensing, the user must provide to DSI a license host ID for the computer system the the license will be issued to. Using the provided license host ID, DSI will provide a node-locked license file which can be used only for the specified license host ID. To configure the node-locked client system review the procedure:

Node-Locked Licensing Procedure

Server Licensing

When using server-based licensing, DSI will provide a license file for a license server which issues licenses to client computers. In this configuration, the user will checkout a license from the license server when the user activates the licensed product. When the user shuts down the licensed product the license is checked back into the license server for usage by another client. With server licensing the user must:

If the license server has already been setup and the user is changing the license then examine the procedure, “Relicensing a license server” to change the license.

Multiple License Sources

Multiple source licensing occurs when the user needs to license multiple products or features using different license sources.

  • Multiple node-locked license files
  • A node-locked license file combined with a server license.

Transferring Licenses

Licenses may be transfered upon request. Contact license DSI International for further details.

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