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Hardware Requirements

eXpress Hardware Requirements

Standard / Single-User Configuration

This system is recommended for companies designing sub-systems not as extensive as system- to component-level design. Typically, the design team consists of 1-2 users performing basic Testability and/or FMECA analysis for systems of limited scope.
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System Integration Configuration (up to 10 users)

This configuration is recommended for companies with midsized design teams capable of assembling fairly large hierarchical systems (e.g. modeling entire vehicles to several hierarchical levels). Most team members are typically responsible for performing various subsystem analyses, while one team member is may be responsible for the entire system integration.
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Large-Scale System Integration Configuration

This system is recommended for companies with large design teams and/or sub-contractors. This system is intended to accommodate extremely large hierarchical designs with hundreds of integrated sub-systems and tens of thousands of tests. Integrations of this size include system-level down to component-level designs for large integrated systems. Machines of this specification may only be needed for certain individuals performing such integration processes as “Distributive Processing” and merging of ultra-large system databases only Required of Large-Scale Systems Integration. Due to the accommodating of such concurrent processes, dual HD monitors are required in order to appropriately track the status of such multiple, simultaneous processes.
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RTAT & Workbench Hardware Requirements

RTAT & Workbench Configurations

This configuration is recommended for standard Run-Time Authoring Tool (RTAT) environment for medium to large authoring projects which will include diagrams, illustrations, documentation and videos. This configuration also supports Workbench environments during procedural tests, diagnostics and troubleshooting activities.
6th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-6700 processor
16GB DDR4 RAM system memory
1TB hard drive or larger
NVIDIA GeForce GTX or AMD Radeon RX series with 2GB of video memory
Windows 7 (64bit)

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