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Guided Troubleshooting – Assess, Optimize and Leverage Knowledge

Diagnostics Based on Expert Knowledge of the Diagnostic Design

Using the inherent power of Integrated Systems Diagnostic Design, or “ISDD”, the Expertise of the Diagnostic Design data is captured and vetted for accuracy and completeness within the eXpress diagnostic modeling process. As the functional and failure causes are propagated throughout the Design architecture during the Design Development process, the functional and failure interdependencies are also established and retained within the eXpress modeling process.

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Effective Fault Codes with Accurate FRACAS Reporting are Dependent on Effective eXpress Diagnostics

When maintenance activities occur during the sustainment of a complex military asset, the ability
to perform maintenance and accurately report conclusions are an important requirement for cost effective sustainment. These activities are often complex and ineffective, inconclusive and costly due to the lack of diagnostic knowledge. This leads to the often experienced wasted time and cost and drives sustainment costs to unacceptable levels.

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