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History of Testability

Title of Publication Author Download
Proceedings of the NMSE Systems Performance Effectiveness Conference Ralph A. De Paul Jr. (3 MB) 1965 PDF
Report on the Mechanization of DDF for System Perfromance Monitoring Ralph A. De Paul Jr. (681 KB) 1967 PDF
Lawson Discusses Value of Logistics Plans Aeronutronic (John B. Lawson) (173 KB) 1969 PDF
Military Specifications Manuals Technical: Functionally-Oriented Maintenance Manuals (FOMM0 for Equipment and System) MIL-M-24100B (2 MB) 1974 PDF
Some Generic Properties of a Logic Model for Analyzing Hardware Maintenance and Design Concepts Logic Model Generics (82 KB) 1976 PDF
US Air Mobility Research and Development Lab. Aviated Systems Command; Ames Research Center William L. Andre James T. Wong (116 KB) 1977 PDF
Logic Model Diagnostic Programs and Procedures for Use on AH-1 Helicopter M28A1 Armament Subsystem Ralph A. De Paul, Jr. (151 KB) 1978 PDF
LOGMOD Diagnostics Final Test & Evaluation Report Dept. of Air Force, Gunter AF Stn. AL (527 KB) 1978 PDF
Helicopter Fault Isolation Equipment, Evaluated by Army, Navy, Air Force (AVRADCOM) William L. Andre (630 KB) 1978 PDF
Assessment of LOGMOD System W. Keiner, G. Neumann (171 KB) 1980 PDF
The Assessment of LOGMOD as a Testability Design Tool (Prepared for JLC) William L. Keiner (85 KB) 1980 PDF
Annual Reliability and Maintainability Symposium (Excerpt) IEEE (93 KB) 1982 PDF
Application Guide Logic Model (LOGMOD) Standard Maintenance Information Display Systems (SMIDS) (Prepared by ARINC) Dr. Myron L. Cramer, Robert H. Hecht, Richard H. Kirschman, Stephen R. Troy (3 MB) 1981 PDF
The ARINC Research Systems Testability and Maintenance Program Dr. William R. Simpson Dr. Harold S. Balaban (560 KB) 1982 PDF
Adaptive Fault Isolation with Learning (Prepared by ARINC) Dr. William R. Simpson, J. R. Agre ARINC Research Corporation (1 MB) 1985 PDF
Approval of MIL-STD-2165 – Testability Program for Electronic Systems and Equipment DOD (2.74 MB) 1985 PDF
Logic Modeling as a Tool for Testability Ralph A. De Paul, Jr. (531 KB) 1985 PDF
US Navy Awards Harris $12.6 Million Contract Harris Dateline (486 KB ) 1986 PDF
Generic Integration Maintenance Diagnostics (GIMADS) (Prepared by Lockheed Georgia Co.) D. M. Ryle, Jr. (347 KB) 1986 PDF
Testability Analysis Tools on a Military System (Pepared by Naval Ocean Sys. Ctr.) NAVAL OCEAN SYSTEMS CENTER (1 MB) 1987 PDF
Weapons System Testability Analyzer (WSTA) John R. Franco, Jr. Harris Corporation (100 KB) 1988 PDF
Comparison of Testability Analysis Tools for USAF Air Force Office of Scientific Research; Bolling AFB, Washington DC (198 KB) 1991 PDF
Partitioning Large Diagnostic Problems William R. Simpson, John W. Sheppard ARINC Research Corporation (554 KB) 1991 PDF
A Testability-Dependent Maintainability-Prediction Technique Joseph A. Caroli, George W. Lyne Rome Laboratory (263 KB) 1992 PDF
John Slattery Award recognizes Ralph De Paul, Jr. as the “Father of Testability” AutoTestCon (212 KB) 1994 PDF
Integrating Testability Analysis Tools with ATS GEC Marconi (J.Pillari, T.Pertowski, A.Protin), IIT Research Inst. (W.G. Swaveley, C.R.Unkle) (293 KB) 1995 PDF
Simulation-Based Testability Techniques Eric Gould, Danver Hartop DSI International (638 KB) 2000 PDF
Hybrid Diagnostic Modeling Eric Gould DSI International (242 KB) 2004 PDF
How and when Testability and DFT originated Ralph A. De Paul Jr. (1.24 MB) PDF

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