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About Company

Meeting the Demands of Systems Health Management

With a half century of experience in Diagnostics, Testability and Systems Engineering, DSI International offers creative, customer-focused solutions to intelligent diagnostic design and the framework for integrating multi-organizational diagnostic and prognostic health management (PHM) systems.

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Our Mission

To integrate the Systems Engineering and Diagnostics Design and Prognostic Development processes.

To optimize “Design for Testability” and “Design for Diagnosability” to increase Maintenance Efficiency, Safety and Operational Availability, yet reduce Cost of Ownership.

To increase design productivity by offering efficient and powerful Diagnostics Engineering tools, such as the eXpress Diagnostic Modeling and Analysis software.

To capture the design knowledge needed for the development, operation and support of embedded run-time diagnostics and prognostics Management (IVHM), Prognostics Health Management (PHM) and other diagnostic and health management systems.

Our Approach

Provide state-of-the-art design tools, centered on the powerful eXpress diagnostics modeling and analysis software. With its simple, graphic-oriented interface and efficient import/export capabilities, eXpress enables rapid and accurate diagnostics design development, trade study analysis, and redesign.

Services Offer expert technical services and training to help customers develop optimized Diagnostics and Prognostics Health Management design solutions.

Experience DSI International possesses a broad spectrum of in-depth expert knowledge to support all Diagnostics and Systems Engineering goals.

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