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ISDD Tool Suite

The Integrated System Diagnostic Design or ISDD Tool Suite provides a start to finish solution for meeting all the diagnostic needs of system design. The ISDD design process is centered around functional modeling of systems which is used to develop the diagnostics and failure analysis necessary to influence and fully support effective integrated systems design. This includes:

ISDD Tool Suite

  • Analysis of Fault Detection and Fault Isolation.
  • Interoperability and reuse of interdisciplinary-produced design data
  • Analysis of critical failures and their impact upon safety.
  • Detecting and reducing false alarms caused by diagnostics.
  • The impact of prognostics upon fault detection/fault isolation and mitigation of critical failures.
  • Development of vehicle health management and troubleshooting diagnostics

ISDD Tool Matrix

DSI Products & Tools Applicable Life Cycle Phases ( Indicates where DSI Tools Support each Phase)
Providing the Complete Solution for Diagnostics Throughout the Life Cycle Using the Proven Integrated System Diagnostic Design(ISDD) Process

Contact DSI for Specified Product or Tool Application for your projects or Programs

Concept & Initial Design Design Development Test & Manufacturing Maintenance & Sustainment
Concept Phase Proposal Phase Requirement Allocations Initial Design & Trade Studies Maintenance Concept & Planning Preliminary Design Phase Diagnostic Design & Development Test Set Development Technical Publications & Support Logistic Support Analysis(LSA) Support Critical Design Phase Critically & Flight Worthiness Review Integration & Test Maintainability & Testability Demo Factory Acceptance Testy & Checkout Diagnostic Run-Time Environments Depot Level Repair Intermediate Level Repair Organizational Level Maintenance Operational Health Management Maintenance History & Trending Technology Refresh Opportunities Life Cycle & Sustainment Studies
Reliability Module
Maintenance Module
Fault Tree Analysis Module
Dynamic Diagnostic Module
Prognostic Module
eXpress ML Import/Export Module
User-Defined Interferences Module
Run-Time Authoring Tool
ATML Test Results Mode *
PDEL Test Results Mode *
S1000-D Module
Dependency Matrix Module
eXpress Design Viewer
Redline Module
DSI Workbench
History & Feedback Module
API Module
Database Administrator Module
Database Report Viewer Module
Diagnostic Reasoners
Embedded Reasoners (Windows)
Embedded Reasoners (Linux/VxWorks)
Dynamic Reasoners (Windows only)

* The ATML and PDEL Test Results Modules are configured in RTAT, but utilized within DSI Workbench.
† The eXpress Design Viewer is a freeware viewer of eXpress model and diagnostic data; the Redline Module, however, requires a license.
‡ The eXpress Dynamic Reasoner can be used with DSI Workbench, STAGE, and third-party products (Windows only).

Download the DSI ISDD Tool Matrix here.

Details on each of the tools within the DSI ISDD Tools Suite:

eXpress – System Modeling for Diagnostic Design and Analysis

eXpress is a fully-featured, off-the-shelf software application providing an environment for the design, capture, integration, evaluation and optimization of System Diagnostics, Prognostics Health Management (PHM), systems testability engineering, failure mode and effects analysis and system safety analysis.
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STAGE – Diagnostic Simulation

STAGE simulates aspects of Diagnostic, PHM and ISHM Engineering, showing the support capabilities of a System during its useful lifetime. Many types of analysis can be performed on STAGE, including Testability, System Reliability & Mission Success, Sustainability, and Logistics Resource Allocations.
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Run-Time Authoring Tool – Diagnostic Publishing

DSI’s solution for publishing of eXpress diagnostic design data and integration and deployment of Systems Diagnostic and Prognostic designs within real-world troubleshooting environments.
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DSI Workbench – Diagnostic Troubleshooting

DSI Workbench allows for deployment of eXpress or user supplied diagnostics within production and maintenance troubleshooting environments. DSI Workbench facilitates the integration of diagnostic design views, engineering views, photos and videos within an integrated environment.
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