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DSI’s innovative approach to systems engineering and integrated diagnostics has allowed us to be a part of an enormous range of programs. Beginning with the industry’s first dependency modeling tools, LogMod and STAT, and continuing to our latest flagship product, eXpress, DSI’s tools have been used in almost every aspect of diagnostic and systems development.

Partial Listing of Customers and Advanced Applications

Airbus Group – France Fixed Winged Aircraft, Rotary Winged Aircraft
Boeing – CA, MO, PA, WA F-15, F-18, KC-46A, V-22, AH-64D, LMRS, RAH-66, FCS, IBCS, JTWRS, 2GRLV
BAE Systems – CA, MN, NJ, PA Bradley Fighting Vehicle, Paladin PIM, Howitzer, LAMPS, GCV, JTIDS
General Atomics – CA AAG, EMALS, CVN-78, CVN-79, UAS
General Dynamics – CA, MN, MI M1-A Tank, FCS, F-111, MGV, NLOS
Harris Corporation – FL, NY Comanche Helicopter
Honeywell – FL, MN, NM Avionic Systems, Comanche Helicopter
IHI – Japan Rocket Systems, Space Exploration
Lockheed Martin – CA, CO, GA, FL, MN, TX P-3 Orion, F-117, X-33, LANTIRN, F-18, F-22, RAH-66, JASSM, CH-53K, 2GRLV
MBDA – France, UK Missile Systems, ASRAAM
Mitsubishi Heavy Industry – Japan Patriot, SSM-1
Northrop Grumman – CA, FL, IL Reusable Launch Vehicle, Fire Scout, Global Hawk, BAMS ,Smart Modernization, 2GRLV
NAVAIR – MD, NJ, NAVSEA – CA, FL AMRAAM, CH-53K, CVN-76, CVN-78, CVN-79, EMALS, MH-60 Seahawk
Raytheon – AZ, CA, FL, IN, MA, NH, TX AIM-9X, ALQ-184, AMRAAM, JSM, JSOW, F-22, F-35, JPSS, MTS, NGJ, Patriot, Phalanx, SBD II, SM-3, SM-6, SSDS, THAAD, Tomahawk, XBR
US ARMY Bradley Fighting Vehicle, FCS, NLOS, Paladin, Patriot Missile, Tomahawk, TOW, UAV
Cranfield University – UK IVHM, Diagnostics Engineering

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