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DSI ISDD Tool Matrix

DSI ISDD Tool Matrix and Tool application and data flow by Lifecycle phase / environment.
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DSI ISDD Interoperability, Application & Data Flow

DSI ISDD Interoperability and Tool application and data flow by Lifecycle phase / environment.
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eXpress FTA Module

The eXpress FTA Module automatically generates full-featured fault trees using data from an eXpress systems engineering model.
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Prognostics in the ISDD tool suite.

Prognostics-Informed Diagnostic Engineering will come naturally to users of eXpress—simply add prognostic definitions and specify the extent to which prognostics are to be taken into account by the diagnostics.
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eXpress Design Viewer

Using the free eXpress Java Applet, files published by the eXpress Run-Time Authoring Tool (licensed separately) can be displayed in any Web Browser.
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The FMECA Plus capability in eXpress transcends customary disciplinary barriers, allowing engineers and analysts in different areas of design to integrate the results of their respective efforts.
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STAGE is a new simulation-based diagnostic analysis tool from DSI International, a company known as pioneers in the field of Diagnostic Engineering and producers of the most widely used diagnostic modeling tools for the last 40 years.
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eXpress in Industry

With eXpress’s reputation as the only tool used in industry for Systems Diagnostic Engineering, Integration and Design influence, its clearly obvious why partnering contractors and suppliers have entrusted eXpress to finally control and manage their system diagnostic information integration efforts.
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ATML-Powered, COTS-Based ATS Software Solution

A suite of commercially available software tools adhering to the ATML standards, targeted at different areas of a products life cycle and interfaced through standard formats to offer a complete end-to-end support solution.
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