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Diagnostic Simulation

STAGE simulates aspects of Diagnostic, PHM and ISHM Engineering, showing the support capabilities of a System during its useful lifetime. Many types of analysis can be performed on STAGE, including Testability, System Reliability & Mission Success, Sustainability, and Logistics Resource Allocations.




  • Leverages, maps and interconnects investments into diagnostics, PHM, ISHM and systems engineering.
  • Provides a method to validate diagnostic and design data at a glance using vivid, presentation-ready graphs.
  • Facilitates trade studies through iterative analysis based on diagnostic design data imported via DiagML.
  • Provides turn-around-time assessments at any point in the operational timeline.
  • Supports cost benefit analysis between different mixes of RCM (diagnostics and planned maintenance) and CBM (prognostics) approaches to system health management.
  • Determines diagnostic contribution to False Alarms and MTBFA.
  • Provides accurate estimates of spares consumption based on the simulated maintenance action timeline.
  • Evaluates system safety and success based on failure criticality and corrective action capabilities.


STAGE provides the capability to conduct “trades” based on diagnostic design characteristics, maintenance concepts, logistics footprints, repair levels, etc.   Each trade can be used to examine the impact of the design’s diagnostic capability in terms of its strengths and weaknesses over any sustainment lifecycle(s).

STAGE Standard Calculations R2

The STAGE user interface is straight forward and very user friendly. The interface is shown below along with the results of several simulations. Each chart generated in the STAGE simulation also has a corresponding calculation report and summary report which are also shown below.











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