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DSI Workbench API

The DSI Workbench Application Programmable Interface allows for integrating DSI Workbench diagnostic reasoning, controls, reporting and data tracking capabilities into a custom user-developed application. The API provides feedback from databases and user prompts into reporting of diagnostic actions taken.

Development of Custom Diagnostic Applications

Adding eXpress diagnostics to an application requires two separate development processes. The first development by software development involves integrating the DSI Workbench capabilities into the production checkout or system health management software.

Adding eXpress diagnostics to a custom application requires developing a functional dependency model and a static diagnostic sequence in eXpress. The diagnostic design is then first exported from eXpress using the eXpress DiagML export and then imported into the Run-Time Authoring Tool to develop and customize a DSI Workbench project.

Customization of the DSI Workbench project

In addition to the software development task of integrating DSI Workbench reasoning and capability into the custom application, deployment of diagnostics requires that a diagnostic design be first developed in eXpress, then deployed to the Run-Time Authoring Tool to publish as a DSI Workbench project.

  • ➢   Adding Custom views and images of the system, which fully interact with the diagnostic design.
  • ➢   Setting up for importing of test result from built-in test (BIT) and automated test equipment (ATE).
  • ➢   Setup and configuration of custom session reports.
  • ➢   Setup and management of the DSI Workbench History and Feedback database when used.

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