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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get an evaluation copy of the Software?

Evaluation software downloads can be obtained by either completing the request here (link to software evaluation request) or simply contacting DSI Licensing (

How do I obtain a User Name and Password?

Private DSI website login registration can be obtained by either completing the request here (link to request) or simply contacting DSI Licensing ( Related Video link ( “Installing eXpress).

How do I install eXpress ?

Assistance in installing eXpress can be obtained by simply contacting DSI at 714.637.9275 or referencing the Video link (Installing eXpress ).

What sort of software support do I get with my DSI Software License purchase?

DSI offers an annual “eXpress Software Maintenance Plan” with all of its eXpress Software License purchases. The eXpress Software Maintenance Plan will include your choice of “SOME” or “ALL” eXpress Software Updates – plus up to 40 hours of eXpress Software support. This is a valuable option that is purchased by nearly 100% of DSI eXpress Licensees. Further details provided here (link to detailed description of eXpress Software Maintenance Plan).

What are the Training Options ?

DSI provides comprehensive Diagnostics Engineering Training through regularly scheduled courses at DSI (currently offered DSI courses at DSI) and arrangements can be made for on-site courses by contacting DSI (

How can I get help with performing my work ?

DSI will be pleased to assist with any diagnostic engineering endeavor regardless how small or how complex! DSI has been tasked with guiding, or successfully performing, many projects of ALL sizes – with organizations that may lack the current diagnostic engineering expertise or resources to be successful – ON SCHEDULE.

Research Relevant: DSI has rescued many large projects that have previously attempted lesser capable or robust methods! Be aware that many websites are too similar in boasting about capabilities that are sorely not up to task when the project is large or too complex for other simple and inferior approaches or tools.

Does DSI have User’s Group Meetings ?

YES! DSI typically has User’s Group Meetings every 18 months – Alternating between hosting its 4.5-hour event in California (USA) and in Europe (England or France). At these “eXpress User’s Group” events, industry experts provide helpful insight covering a wide variety of diagnostic engineering solutions and implementations. Please check here (link to current events) for upcoming events.

What are the Computer Hardware and Operating Systems Requirements ?

Depending on the Software application (eXpress, STAGE, RTAT or DSI Workbench), the size of the project, its implantation requirements, and the performance demand desired, there are a variety of recommendations and suggestions for the “current” hardware resources to be considered. For current specific recommendations, please contact DSI ( or review the Hardware Configuration Requirements documentation here: ( “Hardware Requirements”).

How do I get a DSI Software License Quote ?

Quotations for any typical or custom DSI Software License Pricing, please inquire about current pricing by contacting DSI
( Quotations are usually provided in a just a few hours. For custom DSI Software Bundles, please contact DSI to ensure that the intentions for use of the Software Products are fit for your specific purposes.

Is there a discount on Software License prices for academia or Government agencies ?

Yes! Typically, the discount for either of these institutions is 25% off the current DSI Software Application Pricing. Please inquire about current pricing by contacting DSI (

What are the specs of some of the largest systems to have used eXpress?

DSI’s full-featured, diagnostic engineering application, “eXpress”, has been successfully used on some of the largest and most complex fielded systems ever designed or fielded. Such systems that have been used to assess and implement eXpress Diagnostics include the highly advanced systems on board the newest US Aircraft Carriers, Unmanned Air Systems (UAS), Missile Systems and various complex air, land and sea-based military systems.

Research Relevant: Any of these “fielded systems” described above, have contained over 10,000,000 test nodes and over 350,000 fault groups and/or fault codes per system per platform. DSI’s eXpress diagnostic engineering application is the only diagnostics engineering and assessment tool capable of accommodating such real-world, multi-organizational, large-scale sized systems. Contrarily, eXpress can be used on commercial and much smaller designs or “systems” as simply a design capture, assessment, diagnostic validation & facilitator for robust diagnostic implementations and extended technology-independent sustainment capabilities for future product life-cycle demands.

When should I use eXpress ?

Diagnostics engineering is always the most valuable when used as early in the design development process as possible.

The maximum benefits from using eXpress is when it is used to “influence the design” for diagnostic prowess (including, test point placement, functional design partitioning, parts selection, fault detection, fault isolation, health management, on-board to off-board diagnostic reasoning, requirements compliance, etc.) is maximized by getting started at the earliest possible point in the design development lifecycle.

Research Relevant: With that said (above), existing or legacy designs can be captured, assessed and exported to a myriad of diagnostic implementations (including seamless transitions to new run-time diagnostic substitute products or technologies) throughout the sustainment life-cycle of the product or fielded system(s). The Diagnostic Limitations in legacy designs (or documentation inaccuracies) are vividly discovered when capturing the diagnostic integrity of most every design in eXpress, regardless of diagnostic methodology previously applied.

What is DSI International

DSI International is the industry leader in the development of testability and diagnostic analysis and simulation software with solutions which support all phases of design, production, operation, maintenance and sustainment. To learn more, check here.

How long has DSI International been in business?

DSI was founded in 1975 by Ralph De Paul Jr. but the history of the founder and his innovations goes back over 40 years.  These original innovations continued to pave the way into the future and today have helped provide industry with the very best in testability & diagnostic analysis and run-time tool suites.  To learn more, see our history page here. 

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