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Diagnostics-Informed FMECA Charts

The eXpress Reliability Module

The FMECA Plus capability in eXpress is part of the Reliability Module included with every license of eXpress. FMECA Plus transcends customary disciplinary barriers, allowing engineers and analysts in different areas of design to integrate the results of their respective efforts. The flexibility of the FMECA Plus engine not only fosters nontraditional uses of FMECA-related data, but also adds some simple, yet powerful twists to standard FMECA-based activities.

  • Integration of FMECA data and diagnostic data allows the analyst to directly tie the calculated diagnostics to the FMECA analysis.
  • Analysis of the impact and the capability to diagnosis and remediate critical failures.
  • Interoperability with reliability and spreadsheet tools through simple spreadsheet imports and exports.
  • FMECA integration with diagnostic dependency model allows for easy FMECA updates as the design evolves and changes.
  • Multiple customizable FMECA formats including support for traditional MIL-STD-1629A, SAE J1739 and other FMECA format.
  • FMECA Plus results can inform the development of Prognostics (PHM), Embedded Diagnostics, Run-Time Test Executives and IETM-hosted troubleshooting.

Predefined FMECA Plus Charts

The FMECA Plus engine in eXpress provides the analyst with nine predefined configurations—six categorized as “eXpress Charts” and three categorized as “Traditional Worksheets.” The analysis is in no way limited to these predefined configurations. Analysts can customize these charts not only by reorganizing, re-labeling and regrouping columns, but also by inserting additional data or calculations to support the specific needs of the analysis.

eXpress Chart Configurations

FMECA Plus provides the following six predefined “eXpress Chart” configurations:

The columns in each of these six charts are based solely on data contained within the specified eXpress model or diagnostic study—there is no need for analyst-supplied attributes other than the failure rates and severities that are already used for diagnostic analysis.

Traditional Worksheet Configurations

The following three “Traditional Worksheets” are also provided among the predefined FMECA Plus configurations:

The three predefined “Traditional Worksheet” configurations are based on FMECA and Criticality Analysis worksheet formats defined within MIL-STD-1629A (Procedures for Performing a Failure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis).

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