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The Root DiagML_Project Element

  • The Design Data provides details about the replaceable/repairable items, functions or failure modes.
  • The Maintenance Data provides details about the fault groups that the diagnostics will isolate to.
  • The Test Data provides details about the test used to perform the diagnostics.
  • The Diagnostic Data provides the diagnostic flow used for detecting and isolating failures.

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The DiagML version.


The type of the DiagML content.


The name of the DiagML content.


The description of the DiagML content.


The version of the DiagML content.


DiagML design data contains Items, Functions, Failure Modes and visual design data.


The DiagML maintenance data contains a list of maintenance procedures which are a list of replaceable items and all associated maintenance attributes.


The DiagML test data contains a list of tests, test procedures and test interpretations. Contains the test coverage necessary for dynamic diagnostics.


The DiagML diagnostic data contains the diagnostic flow which is used to process test results to provide a set of isolated failures.

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