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Customizing the DSI Workbench Interface

The DSI Workbench troubleshooting interface is fully customizable in the Run-Time Authoring Tool. This includes adding and automating views, selecting details panels that will appear in the interface and enabling or disabling interface features such as menu and toolbar items.

Custom Views and Automation

Custom views that can be attach to a diagnostic design can include system drawings, technical manuals and photographs. Once attached these views can be mapped to the model repair items using the component mapper. Automatic view switch can be implemented to change the views that the technician sees on any given test or fault group to the appropriate views required to perform a test or repair procedure. During the troubleshooting process messages may be added to the views to point the user to either details in the views of specific importance or warnings and cautions that the technician must observe during troubleshooting.

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Automated Test and Built-In Test Integration

The diagnostic project can be configured to import test results from automated test equipment and test that are built into the system. These test results when encoded into one of several supported data standards for test results can then be imported by the technician.
In addition to the technician manually selecting test result files, the DSI Workbench troubleshooting may be configured to automatically scan for troubleshooting data used to begin troubleshooting.

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Adding Test Procedures, Repair Procedures and Reference Documents

Many different documents may be added to the diagnostic project. Test and repair procedures can be added to tests and fault groups and will appear in the description panel of the guide troubleshooting panel. Reference documents can be added to tests or repair items so that when a test appears in the guided troubleshooting display or an item is selected in the view or suspect panel then the documents that are associated with the test or repair item will be easily accessible to the technician using a right-click menu.

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