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Are You Ready for EDDIE, the Embedded Diagnostic and IVHM Demonstrator?

by DSI Staff |Published 06/24/2004| Demonstrations

Are You Ready for EDDIE?

The Embedded Diagnostic Demonstrator and IVHM Executive (EDDIE) emulates the operational functionality and failure mechanisms of a real fuel system. The emulation includes valve and state switching, fuel level and flow rate monitoring, and component redundancy. EDDIE also has been designed with an embedded computer that performs real time diagnosis for the purpose of intelligent remediation and remote health monitoring.

People stared at Jim Lauffer and looked a bit perplexed when Jim expressed that EDDIE was locked in the box that was being wheeled across the exhibit floor in San Francisco last month. EDDIE was Jim’s companion on the road trip to and from the Embedded Systems Conference, where EDDIE’s unpredictable personality was showcased and quickly became the spectacle of the conference. Fortunately, he’s not a high maintenance companion, although he does look a bit threatening to airline security personnel.

EDDIE rapidly became an outstanding role model for us at DSI. He is not timid about demonstrating all he can be, and then some. He’s a quick study, always perceptive and alert, knows how to monitor his own health, manage his priorities, make decisions for himself based on his knowledge of his own changing environment, tell others when he may soon need their help, and even remedy his own behavior when he slips up or gets out of line.

We’re proud of EDDIE and reward him by letting him out of his box from time to time. EDDIE is anxious to show you the special tricks that only he can do! Feel invited to make a date with EDDIE. Call Dave Tyler at 315-336-6579 or Jim Lauffer at 909-735-1611 for personal appearance and booking arrangements with EDDIE. EDDIE loves to travel and meet new and exciting professionals that can appreciate his special talents!

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