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Full Systems Diagnostics Design and Support Integration

by DSI Staff | Published 04/29/2004 | New Capabilities 

Full Systems Design and Support Integration

DSI is currently developing simulation technology that can represent full operational scenarios, resolved into individual mission phases. The simulation can accurately predict expected time to first failure, the number of unique and total failures over a given period, the probability of a fault resulting in a loss of mission, loss of vehicle, or loss of crew, and other predictions that can be easily added using a built-in scripting language. This simulation can be run for an individual platform or be rolled up to an entire fleet. Results can then be integrated with automated logistics to provide accurate supply chain management information as well as other logistics factors.

Some significant statistics that can be calculated by simulation include:

  • Maintenance Down-Times
  • Sortie-generation Time
  • Sustainment Costs
  • Time to First Failure
  • FMECA-based Likelihood and Severity of Failures
  • Diagnostic Impacts on Life Cycle Costs
  • Spares Consumption
  • Operational Availability
  • Other Support Requirements



DSI’s eXpress diagnostics engineering tool, along with our Operation and Support Simulation (OSS) tool and integration with third party runtime and/or logistics tools, provide the technology needed to make existing platforms significantly less labor intensive. DSI’s integration with TYX Corporation’s TestBase through DiagML and DSI’s new integration with Giordano Automation’s runtime & support technology really enhance system interoperability.

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