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FlexID Dongles

FlexID Dongles

A FlexID dongle is a USB device which when attach will provide a Flex ID which can be used for licensing products. The FlexID dongle may be moved from system to system allow the user to transfer the license of a DSI software product between different computer systems.

Note: The FlexID dongle are labeled with FlexID number, the format of the label will be: FLEXid=9/10-xxxxxxxx where x is a hexadecimal number. The FLEXid=9 (HASP) dongle is green and the FLEXid=10 (WIBU) dongle is blue, as shown below:


To use a dongle for licensing of DSI products:

  1. Install the dongle driver from the link on this page.
  2. Attach the dongle to the client system after the driver has been installed and wait for the client to recognize the dongle.
  3. Run the DSI Licensing administrator program and check that the FLEXid appears in the license administrator. Send the FlexID number that appears to DSI licensing to receive a license that is coded for that dongle.
  4. After the DSI license files has been received for the dongle follow the instructions for configuring node-locked licensing or server base licensing.

Dongle Drivers/Utilities

FLEDID9 Windows v8.23-x86 Command Line Dongle Driver
FLEDID9 Windows v8.23-x64 Command Line Dongle Driver
FLEDID10 Windows v6.60-x86 Command Line Dongle Driver
FLEDID10 Windows v6.60-x64 Command Line Dongle Driver

The FlexID dongle driver must be installed on all client systems that need to use the dongle to provide a Flex ID.

FlexID Clean Utility

The FlexID clean utility will remove the dongle driver a client system.

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