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Optimizing Test Strategies

Test Strategy optimization is achieved by focusing on the overall “diagnosability” of a system or device during development. In the most limited sense, test strategy optimization refers to ensuring that tests are performed in an order that best serves development and maintenance goals. In a broader sense, optimization may encompass not only the ordering of tests, but also the enhancement of the hardware’s inherent capacity to facilitate and support effective diagnostics.

Questions of Test Strategy Optimization

  • What are the goals for which test strategies are being optimized?
  • How can the degree of optimization be assessed?
  • What can be done to optimize a test strategy?
  • How does diagnostic tools help perform optimization?

Goals of Test Strategy Optimization

  • Reducing Cost of Ownership
  • Improved Availability / Readiness
  • Reducing Support Environment Requirements
  • Greater Safety

Meeting the Goals with Test Development

  • Refining Test Selection / Ordering Criteria
  • Additional Test Procedures (automated or otherwise)
  • Changing Test Implementation (BIT, ATE, Probe, etc)

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