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Scheduled Course Description


Course numberCE-320
Course NameContinuing Education: Debugging Diagnostic Strategies in eXpress
FormatOne 60-90 minute session
Date (Time)09/13/2022 (9:00 a.m. PDT)
On-Line ConnectionWebEx

An introduction to techniques for debugging diagnostic strategies that mis-diagnose failures, do not utilize expected tests, or generate unfeasibly large test sequences:

– Examining the diagnostic impact of individual tests
– Disabling hybrid diagnostic inferences
– Temporarily ignoring test interference, state control deps, and/or wraparound
– Tracing diagnostic conclusions using the Primary Suspects panel & Desktop Fault Insertion
– Temporarily ignoring test prerequisites
– Using Desktop Fault Insertion to explore test relevance
– Introducing isolation cutoffs to temporarily reduce test sequence size

*Lecture, demonstration & discussion

ISDD Tools


TuitionNo tuition for this session
AvailabilityLimited to 25 Students

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