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CE-340 eXpress Maintenance Module Series

Course number CE-342
Course Name Using Fault Codes to Link Different Levels of Diagnostics
Duration 30 Minutes, 120 Minutes
On-Line Connection

As required DSI will setup a WebEx or Skype meeting at the specified time. Student(s) may provide an additional approved on-line connection as required by the student(s) technical restrictions for data sharing.


This topic explains how to setup, generate and maintain fault codes for a diagnostic developed in an eXpress model. Then using the generated fault codes to:
– Test Concepts
– Create next level diagnostics in eXpress using the results of the first level diagnostics as the start of the second level diagnostics.
– Feed the results of the first level diagnostics to interactive electronic technical manual or IETM development.

ISDD Tools

Required: eXpress
Optional: None

Tuition 30 Minutes Session: Free 120 Minutes Session: $350

Standard: Free using DSI provided examples.

Optional: $750 Using student provided examples (Maximum of 4 hours of preparation time per course).

Availability Requires minimum of one-week advanced notice.

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