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CE-330 eXpress FTA Module Series – Diagnostics- Informed Fault Tree Analysis

Course number CE-331
Course Name Integration with Diagnostics – Modified, Simplified & Optimized; Symbols, Terms and Usage
Duration 30 Minutes, 60 Minutes, 90 Minutes, 120 Minutes
On-Line Connection

As required DSI will setup a WebEx or Skype meeting at the specified time. Student(s) may provide an additional approved on-line connection as required by the student(s) technical restrictions for data sharing.


This topic will be relevant to the newest capabilities or features added to the eXpress Diagnostic Software Application and any of the integrated and optional eXpress Modules.

This Course Includes:
– What’s new in eXpress 7.0
– Describing the new features and their respective objectives in detail.
– The related new features to any integrated or optional eXpress Module
– Course subject matter will vary and will be presented at the beginning of each CE Course
– This Course may be divided into two (2) sessions depending on scope of Feature updates.

ISDD Tools

Required: eXpress
Optional: None

Tuition 30 Minutes Session: Free 60 Minutes Session: Free 90 Minutes Session: Free 120 Minutes Session: Free

Standard: Free using DSI provided examples.

Optional: $750 Using student provided examples (Maximum of 4 hours of preparation time per course).

Availability Requires minimum of one-week advanced notice.

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