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Failure Mitigation Report

The Failure Mitigation Report shows, for each primary failure, the extent to which that failure is mitigated by functional redundancy (or some other design consideration) to prevent it from acting as a single point of failure.


This report shown shows both mitigated failures and single-points-of-failure. In addition, the report shows four failures which have reduced likelihood (i.e. 7.605E-010) due to prognostics and one failure which represent a required system condition that must occur to produce the critical event.

Metric Descriptions

Failure Rate

The Failure Rate column contains the failure rate for a particular primary failure (or external event).

If the failure rate has been adjusted to account for prognostics, it is displayed using magenta text; otherwise, it is displayed using blue text.

Individual PoF (Q) – Individual Probability of Failure

The Individual Probability of Failure represents the likelihood that a particular primary failure (or external event) will occur within the specified exposure time.

Contributing PoF (Q) – Contributing Probability of Failure

The Contributing Probability of Failure is the portion of a particular element’s Individual Probability of Failure that is included in the overall probability of critical failure.

Mitigating Events

The Mitigating Events column lists all Events where a particular failure is combined with other failures using either an AND gate or a Voting OR gate.

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