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Dynamic Diagnostics

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Meeting the Demands Of Systems Health Managements.

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eXpress – Diagnostic Design and Analysis

eXpress eXpress – A comprehensive model-based diagnostics engineering software application targeting diagnostics development for complex, critical or large-scale systems. eXpress is uniquely suited

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STAGE – Diagnostic Simulation

Run-Time Authoring RTAT – (Run-Time Authoring Tool) is a Software application that allows diagnostic sequencing or procedures exported from eXpress to be enhanced

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Run-Time Authoring Tool (RTAT) – Diagnostic Publishing

DSI Workbench DSI Workbench – A stand-alone or diagnostic reasoning tool that allows diagnostics developed in eXpress to be fielded in a maintenance

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DSI Workbench

STAGE simulates aspects of Diagnostic, PHM and ISHM Engineering, showing the support capabilities of a System during its useful lifetime. Many types of analysis can be performed on STAGE, including Testability, System Reliability & Mission Success, Sustainability, and Logistics Resource Allocations.

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