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When should I use eXpress ?

Posted September 7th, 2016 in by admin

Diagnostics engineering is always the most valuable when used as early in the design development process as possible.

The maximum benefits from using eXpress is when it is used to “influence the design” for diagnostic prowess (including, test point placement, functional design partitioning, parts selection, fault detection, fault isolation, health management, on-board to off-board diagnostic reasoning, requirements compliance, etc.) is maximized by getting started at the earliest possible point in the design development lifecycle.

Research Relevant: With that said (above), existing or legacy designs can be captured, assessed and exported to a myriad of diagnostic implementations (including seamless transitions to new run-time diagnostic substitute products or technologies) throughout the sustainment life-cycle of the product or fielded system(s). The Diagnostic Limitations in legacy designs (or documentation inaccuracies) are vividly discovered when capturing the diagnostic integrity of most every design in eXpress, regardless of diagnostic methodology previously applied.

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