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Let DSI become part of your design team. Our experts have seen it all–their expertise comes from working on the front lines of some the most challenging projects for diagnostic design, testability and critical fault analysis. When we say we’ve got rocket scientists, we really mean it!


DSI has the experience with industry to assure that your project is performed on schedule and within budget. We can guide you “by the hand” and propel your capabilities up to warp speed. Not only have we worked solutions for smaller diagnostic designs efforts, but we remain the only software tool suite in industry having successful experience at working medium to very large Diagnostic integration efforts during the most influential stages of the design development process.

DSI International routinely contributes new concepts to the diagnostics and testability industry. Among our contributions are papers presented at industry conferences. Each of the following papers identify true breakthroughs in technology.

Diagnostics “after” prognostics Steps toward a prognostics-informed analysis of system diagnostic behavior

Published: Prognostics and Health Management (PHM), 2011 IEEE Conference

Authors: Eric Gould, DSI International

Abstract: Although substantial effort has been spent developing new metrics for the evaluation of prognostic performance, relatively little attention has been directed toward ways in which existing systems analysis practices should be modified to incorporate knowledge from Prognostic Health Management. This paper discusses an approach to modifying system design assessments (such as Reliability, Testability and Maintainability) based on parameters provided within System Prognostic Requirements.

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Modeling it Both Ways Hybrid Diagnostic Modeling and its Application to Hierarchical System Designs

Published: AutoTestCon 2004

Authors: Eric Gould, DSI International

Abstract: Hybrid Diagnostic Modeling (HDM) is an extension of diagnostic dependency modeling that allows the inter-relationships between a system or device’s tests, functions and failure modes to be captured in a single representation (earlier dependency modeling approaches could represent the relationships between tests and either functions or failure modes). With Hybrid Diagnostic Modeling, the same model can be used for early evaluations of a design’s diagnostic capability, creation of hierarchical FMECAs, prediction of diagnostic performance, and generation of actual runtime diagnostics. This paper examines issues associated with the application of HDM to hierarchical systems, including: the types of diagnostic inference used to interpret the relationships between functions and failure modes, the correlation of functional and failure-based reliability data, and diagnostic assessment using Hybrid Diagnostic Models.

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Data Type Extensibility

Published: AutoTestCon 2002

Authors: Ion A Neag TYX Corp., Stefan Gal TYX Corp., Danver Hartop DSI International

Abstract: This paper highlights the importance of data type extensibility for preventing software obsolescence in Automatic Test Systems. It describes solutions proposed by the authors for supporting such extensibility in several interfaces of Automatic Test Systems. Some of these solutions are proposed for interface standards currently under development, while others are implemented in existing commercial products.

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