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SAMA-3 Fielded and Testability Standard Developed

SAMA-3 Model-Based Diagnostics applied to Crash Battle Damage Repair (CBD). At same time, DSI was under subcontract to U.S. Navy, to co-author MIL-STD-2165. This standardized uniform procedures and methods for establishing a testability program, for assessing testability in designs and for integration of testability into the acquisition process for electronic systems and equipment. The Build vs. Buy Issue of High Development Cost and Inefficient Results .Other company’s development budgets pushed for internal research and development. While this sounds like a good path to pursue, the results diluted the Diagnostics technology development and removed much of…

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Stand Alone Maintenance Aid (SAMA) Developed

Keeping up with Testability needs, DSI developed the SAMA Electronic Troubleshooting device for portable field level maintenance. At the same time,focus was being placed on achieving Testable Systems.

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LOGMOD Hosted on Portable Computer

DSI developed a computer device and was first to host Diagnostic Software on a portable device. The U. S. Army Air Mobility Research and Development Laboratory promoted Logic Model Test Equipment.

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LogMod Generics 1976 Final

Diagnostic Logic Model (LOGMOD) developed for Main Frame Computer.Multiple Failure Diagnostic Strategy introduced with LOGMOD first applied to a military application.

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Fault Isolation through Semi-Automatic Techniques (FIST)

Ralph De Paul introduced the automated techniques to develop intelligent Fault Isolation. This was the forerunner of today’s designing for “smart guided troubleshooting”. Ralph De Paul was recognized as bringing Logistics into the product design phase.

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Logic Model Diagnostics Concept

The first ever Diagnostics Dependency Model and Functional Modeling. Developed by Ralph A. De Paul Jr., this began the concept of Diagnostics Design to place intelligence into testing. This began the evolution of enhanced technologies that formed the company known around the World as DSI International.

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