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What are the specs of some of the largest systems to have used eXpress?

Posted September 7th, 2016 in by admin

DSI’s full-featured, diagnostic engineering application, “eXpress”, has been successfully used on some of the largest and most complex fielded systems ever designed or fielded. Such systems that have been used to assess and implement eXpress Diagnostics include the highly advanced systems on board the newest US Aircraft Carriers, Unmanned Air Systems (UAS), Missile Systems and various complex air, land and sea-based military systems.

Research Relevant: Any of these “fielded systems” described above, have contained over 10,000,000 test nodes and over 350,000 fault groups and/or fault codes per system per platform. DSI’s eXpress diagnostic engineering application is the only diagnostics engineering and assessment tool capable of accommodating such real-world, multi-organizational, large-scale sized systems. Contrarily, eXpress can be used on commercial and much smaller designs or “systems” as simply a design capture, assessment, diagnostic validation & facilitator for robust diagnostic implementations and extended technology-independent sustainment capabilities for future product life-cycle demands.

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