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eXpress’s Dynamic Models


eXpress’s Dynamic Models

Whether you call it conditional dependencies, multi-signal models or just plain dependency modeling, eXpress supports the model capture needed to handle dynamic systems. Under a NASA 2GRLV contract, the Dynamic Model capability was able to demonstrate both diagnostic statefulness through reconfiguration, as well as on-the-fly diagnostic creation in support of a dynamic IETM.

State Reconfiguration

  • Dynamic States that influence Test Coverage, Functions and Failure Mode
  • Support for Fault Detection Isolation and Remediation (FDIR)
  • System Reconfiguration as part of normal changes during operation

Assessment of Dynamic Models

  • Tests can be either intrusive or non-intrusive
  • Construct and Assess Diagnostics for flight or ground maintenance
  • Use the integrated FMECA capability with the Diagnostics to prove diagnostic coverage of safety critical failure modes

Dynamic Model Validation & Verification

  • Ensure proper coverage in different modes of operation
  • Verify that remediation actions exist for various FMECA-driven failures
  • Use the entire model hierarchy to ensure that the true system impacts of lower level failures are understood and properly handled

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