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With half a century of experience, DSI International offers leading solutions to
Diagnostics, Testability, Prognostics, Diagnosability and Systems Engineering.
DSI International offers creative, customer-focused solutions to intelligent diagnostic design and provides expert technical services to support all Diagnostic and Systems Engineering goals. DSI International is the leading provider of state-of-the-art design tools, centered on the powerful eXpress diagnostic modeling and analysis software tool, enabling rapid and accurate system diagnostics design development, knowledge capture, trade study analysis, and redesign.

The eXpress Software facilities a Diagnostic Development process for Life Cycle Cost (LCC) in order to optimize "Design for Testability" and "Design for Diagnosability" to increase Maintenance Efficiency, Safety and Operational Availability, while reducing Cost of Ownership.
Transcending a history of introducing testability and diagnostic innovations for over its 40-year track record, DSI International and its flagship eXpress Software, have become the defacto industry standard used for the diagnostic design of complex systems and multi-organizational, integrated systems engineering solutions.

This design solution results in a highly effective embedded run-time diagnostics and prognostics for Integrated Vehicle Health Management (IVHM), Prognostics Health Management (PHM), and other diagnostic and Health Management Systems while providing knowledge for a true Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) with Informed Maintenance and optimum balance of Ground Support Equipment (GSE) vs. Embedded Diagnostics.
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